Gourmet Dining & Fireside Lounge

Imagine: You wake to the sounds of birds singing outside your luxuriously comfortable hotel room. Beyond, you can hear the Caldera River rushing by. You snuggle down into your oh! so comfy blankets…then, suddenly, you catch a whiff of coffee. Fresh roasted coffee, magically wafting its way through the cool morning. No going back to sleep now! have to follow the scent…that perfectly wonderful and seductive perfume.

Coffee in Boquete is not a casual matter. At Boquete’s number one bed and breakfast hotel, The Panamonte Inn and Spa, the coffee served is family grown and award winning…and so very, very smooth. Que rico! Rich! What a way to start the day! Follow your wake up call with fresh squeezed local orange juice, local eggs or French toast made with in-house baked bread, or a plate of tropical fruits beautiful to behold and delightful to eat. Whether you choose to enjoy your breakfast in the dining room, or have it brought to your room and served on your private patio, this brings a whole new level of experience to what you look for in a luxury bed and breakfast hotel!

Hungry again? Right. It’s lunchtime…and the lunch menu at The Panamonte can satisfy any appetite from a light salad, to a traditional BLT with avocado, to a full course meal. My favorite lunch? A bowl of cream of zapallo soup (spiced pumpkin) with the Mezclun salad and goat cheese, accompanied, of course, by a chilled glass of the house white wine.

Come dinnertime, the options are wonderful. Get to the famous Fireside Lounge at 6 PM and you can watch Nelson, The Panamonte’s much loved bartender (who never forgets your name or how you like your martini) light the large fireplaces with a flame thrower (seriously). Settle into the relaxed country ambiance of what is inarguably the most lovely bar and lounge in all of Boquete, perhaps in all of Central America. A casual bar menu offers a selection of delightful bar foods, or you may order from the main menu and enjoy it fireside.

If you are feeling like you would enjoy a more elegant dining experience, wander over to the lovely dining room, which is a perfect blend of traditional and modern taste. The all-new 2011 menu is complete, but not overwhelming. It continues to feature Panamonte traditions, such as the famous cream of zapallo soup and local trout, as well as delightful new creations from Chef Charlie’s kitchen.

The fertile volcanic soil of Boquete that is ideal for growing produce, exotic fruits, and some of the best coffee in the world. Trout swim in the region’s crystalline rivers, and beef and dairy cattle graze on Volcano Barú’s grassy slopes. A half-hour away is Panama’s coastline where local fishermen harvest abundant lobster, jumbo shrimp, sea bass, and yellow-fin tuna. There is no other location in Panama that offers such a rich diversity of fresh products, and Panamonte award-winning Executive Chef and owner Charlie Collins takes full advantage of this bounty to offer his guest’s a truly memorable dining experience.

Condé Nast Traveller has named the Panamonte’s restaurant as one of the best in Central America, and the Washington D.C. publication Capital Chef has praised the restaurant the Best in Panama. People come from near and far to savor the flavorful creations of Chef Charlie, who has fused his overseas culinary experience with his passion for Panamanian cuisine to produce a menu that is both international and indigenous—and delicious.

In keeping with his philosophy, the food is fresh, local when at all possible, prepared simply using classical techniques, and presented as a work of art, meant to be savored with all your senses. From local trout in black butter and almonds, to homemade ravioli stuffed with mushrooms in a velvety porcini sauce, to a sizzling filet cooked to perfection, your options are all mouthwatering. An extensive wine list completes the choices available.

The Fireside Lounge is open daily from 12pm to 11pm, closing at midnight on Saturdays. Bar snacks are available throughout the day. (We regret that persons under the age of 18 are not permitted in the Lounge in accordance with Panamanian law).

Room Service is available from 7am to 9pm for an additional charge.

Frequently throughout the year, The Panamonte hosts special dining and cultural events that draw people from around the world. The International Food and Wine Festivals begin with champagne and hors d’oeuvres in the Fireside Lounge. Often, Chef Charlie invites a guest chef and a sommelier to join him for these events, which feature wines from a particular vineyard paired exquisitely with five separate courses of haute cuisine, Panama style. Candlelight, white linen service, and gorgeous arrangements of flowers make these evenings elegant and gracious, in the style of European hospitality. Don’t miss one of these special occasions! Consider planning your next vacation or holiday to coincide with one—you will remember it always!

Beginning in 2011, also watch for special parties to honor artists, writers, and other cultural figures. Check our calendar for upcoming scheduled events.